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Ergonomic design to straighten, flip or curl hair with a twist of the twist.
360 swivel cord never tangles
Digital LCD temperature display

High quality PTC heating chips ensure a rapid and reliable heat up time.
Highly precise range 50C-210C

Far-Infrared heat delves to the core of the hair shaft and is thus much healthier for the hair than regular heat, which resides mainly on the surface and does damage.
Heat from the inside out! The far-infrared heat delves to the core of the hair shaft and is thus much more healthy for the hair than regular heat, which resides mainly on the suffice and does damage. Far-infrared's "heating from within" gives you enhanced workability and better, faster results without the negative effects associated with standard "high heat".

Humidity-Proof Styles that last longer
Faster Drying Time: Negative ions break apart water molecule clusters, dissipating them significantly faster.
Prevents Frizz and Split Ends
Negative ions smooth and tighten the hair shaft's outer cuticle layer so hair becomes more manageable, feels softer and adds incredible shine!
The smoothed and tightened outer cuticle layers of your hair shafts eliminate frizz at its source and remove the opportunity for split ends to occur.

Kills Germs and Bacteria
Eliminates Odors
Generates Beneficial Negative Ions

Extreme Heat resistance and durability
High-grade titanium produces substantially more beneficial negative ions than other types of ionic plates. More negative ions means more shine, more manageability, less damage, less frizz, longer lasting styles.
Zero-Drag Performance: Titanium is an amazingly smooth surface, providing maximum plate-to-hair contact. This equates to more effective styling in less time.
Titanium is a metal which heats very evenly with a high ionic output, so the plates on a titanium flat iron get hair shinier and sleeker.

In 2000, Sara Kamkarian, Inc. Entered into an exclusive partnership with the world's leading manufacturer of professional flat irons to create the "SK LCD IRON". Working with the top engineers and researchers in italy, Sara Kamkarian Inc. Has invested a large amount of time and capital to pioneer the most advanced technologies in thermal hair irons.
Since its introduction, SK iron quickly developed a reputation in the professional beauty industry for producing the most innovative and best performing straightening irons on the mart.
Our philosophy is to empower professional hairdressers with the most technologically advanced products in the industry so they can realize their artistic visions in the most effective way. we believe in integration between the powder of heat and the highest grade materials and technological capability to allow our tools to optimally preserve and benefit the health of the client's hair over time.
Dedicated to customers service and the highest quality, SK irons are individually inspected by professional quality control staffs that ensure every iron is in exceptional condition and equipped to transform frizzy, dry hair into stunningly smooth, shiny silkily hair.


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